A Little History About Discount Portable Toilets

Much to the convenience of our local clients and to the chagrin of our would-be competitors in the portable toilet industry here in Central Ohio, nearly three decades ago, Discount Portable Toilets was founded. By addressing a crucial need (reliable and affordable port-a-potties and portable toilets, chiefly) of our clients here in the Union, Logan, Champaign, Delaware, Franklin, Madison, Harden and Marion Counties with a very straightforward approach has proven to be absolutely invaluable for local property owners and fellow contractors alike. To better understand our company, what we offer, and why we offer it, please continue reading below.

A Word From Our Owner...

"My name is Randy Morse and I am the owner of Discount Portable Toilets. For 30 plus years, my life has been transportation; Driver to Management until this great opportunity came along which changed my life. I bought this company from Ty Clarridge in June of 2017. Since then, I have learned that owning your own company is harder than I thought but I managed to push through it and I have expanded the companies radius to serve 6 neighboring counties, making business boom! I trained with Ty for multiple months and plan to serve all of my clients, honest and fair. I want to thank Ty Clarridge and all of my current clients for making this such a great opportunity."

Randy Morse
Discount Portable Toilets