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For the most part, there are precious few guarantees that are offered in life; chief among them being when, where, and how one is able to relieve themselves of their urinary/fecal trappings. Whether you are at home or commuting to another location, the need for a safe, clean, and reliable space to achieve such relieving release is something that is universal and likely appreciated by all people. With that in mind, it’s also worth noting that the need to visit a bathroom facility often strikes at the most inopportune moments which is why there are public restroom facilities in most places of retail business; or where large populations typically gather (parks, venues, plazas, etc.) However, even with restrooms and public toilets being widely available and strategically located, there have been (and will likely be again) several instances where the facilities or restrooms were not easily accessible or within a reasonable commute.

Offering a reliable, viable, and appliable solution for any potential potty problems is where our particular industry comes in - the portable toilet or “port-a-potty” industry that is!

Delivery Options
(For Portable Toilets & Port-a-Potties)

For the convenience of our local clientele here in Central Ohio, we offer prompt and reliable delivery times for all port-a-potty and portable toilet rentals.

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Leasing & Rentals
(For Portable Toilets & Port-a-Potties)

Stop flushing money down the toilet (pun intended!) by paying outrageous prices for portable toilet or port-a-potty rentals and take advantage of our competitive rental pricing.

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Retrieval Services
(For Portable Toilets & Port-a-Potties)

The only thing more consistent and dependable than our portable toilet & port-a-potty deliveries is the retrieval times we offer for those selfsame rentals!

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How Does Discount Portable Toilets
Factor Into To All This?

Our company, Discount Portable Toilets, quite literally embodies its own namesake. We provide a wide range of portable toilets, enclosed relief stations, and custom-built lavatory trailers that accommodate the day-to-day bodily needs comfortably and consistently - all at a discounted price!

Regardless of the occasion, be it an elaborate wedding with hundreds of guests, or a larger social gathering such as a charity fundraiser or parade, you can rest assured that our inventory boasts not only the port-a-potty numbers sufficient but also the broadest selection concerning speciality/specific mobile lavatory/bathroom facilities.

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